Jeju Recipe The Pure Oil

Jeju Island is a tourist magnet, especially for nature lovers who are enchanted by waterfalls and pristine beaches. South Korea’s highest mountain, which is a dormant volcano, lies smack at the centre of this beautiful island.

Jeju was designated a National Biosphere conservation area in 2002, a World Natural Heritage site in 2007, and certified as a member of the Global Geopark Network in 2010. It is the only island in the world to receive these 3 prestigious accolades. 

The island is also well-known for its carrots which grow in nutrient-rich soil amid clean air.

These carrots then undergo the process of

before they are shipped out of South Korea.

The antioxidant effect of carrot extract from Jeju enhances skin’s elasticity. The oil is quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving behind any residue, and your skin feels soft and dewy.

ORINBE, which means “original ingredients’ benefit” was incepted in 2016. It is a natural skin care brand that uses only ingredients sourced from Jeju such as Mt. Hassasan Shiitake mushroom, carrots, red beets, citron, oats and precious resources, namely, the Jeju Lava Seawater.

Jeju Recipe The Pure Oil is just one of Orinbe’s product range. Stay tuned for more.

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Turbulence builds resilience

Michael Tay having a chat with a retail assistant to find out more about the retail scene in Johor Bahru during CMCO

By Michael Tay, Johor MCA Government Coordinating Affairs chairman.

Encountering Covid-19 may have seemed like entering an air pocket, of sort, and it’s going to be a bumpy ride ahead, but I strongly believe Malaysia is more resilient than many other countries.

The turbulence may be uncomfortable but we will survive and a rebound will occur once the borders fully re-open.

The Johor state government reportedly suffered a revenue loss of over 20% following the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) and closure of the Malaysia-Singapore border where more than 200,000 locals commute daily to the republic for work.

After receiving an outpouring of complaints from those who ply the Causeway and the Second Link daily, I want to say that Malaysia needs to adopt a two-prong approach as she treads on the road to recovery. Both the government and the public must work together in synergy for a faster economic rebound.

The government must set up a task force comprising highly analytical thinkers that will be able to identify new niche markets and types of jobs where workers can be retrained to take on new roles. Those affected by the closure of the borders should not be disheartened.

For workers whose monthly income has been slashed or are about to face a pay cut, please try to downgrade your way of living. It’s not all gloom and doom. Women, too, should not put more pressure on their spouses who are sole breadwinners, as the husbands are doing all they can to provde the best for the family. Instead of grumbling or complaining about the current situation, wives should try to chip in and contribute to the household income.

Malaysians of both genders are known to be rather picky when it comes to finding employment. The pandemic has come to change our mindsets. As long as it is decent work, even if the salary is not what you’re used to getting, you should bear with it until the economic situation improves. I have friends who truly embrace the entrepreneurial spirit where they turn to different trades as a means of improvisation.

When one path is blocked, they look for another path.

We can get tour guides to organise tours to new tourist destinations like recreation or fruit farms, for instance. Singapore-based tour agents which are facing economic challenges should also start planning tours for its citizens to explore Malaysia, especially destinations in Sabah and Sarawak. Singapore is such a tiny island. A short getaway that is affordably-priced would prove to be a much sought-after respite. One just needs to be creative.

The government should promote domestic travels, set up more plantations, fisheries, poultry farms, vegetable farms. This would create jobs for Malaysians and food prices will also become cheaper as they are locally produced.

We seriously need to focus on domestic re-structuring now. We need community leaders who come up with strategies to revive the economy and help the people sustain a livelihood. If you manage your finances well, as long as you’re willing to work hard, survival is not an issue.

SMEs need to be taken care of, and we should welcome investments from China. We have our own culture, principles and practices. A model of our own.

Employees who have been laid off should not hesitate to reskill or upskill themselves. When the government come up with such programmes, go ahead and sign up. Just as long as you’re willing to take on new challenges, a new dawn awaits.

Trying new things

The Google Home Mini which I featured on Gadget for Dad has been sold. Yayyy!

I haven’t been updating Roam with Bee lately because I’m currently occupied with other things.

I’ve started selling on

This is my first product.

The sale didn’t go as smoothly as I had expected. But it was nothing major. Just some hiccups.

I just want to try new things, and learn as I go along. It’s an exciting journey. Don’t give up and things will work out in the end.

Humanity is a sham

Photo by Alex on Unsplash

I’m appalled and ashamed.

The report about the mama elephant in Kerala which was pregnant when she died made me cry. I don’t think I need to share the link here. Many have already shared the news on Facebook. The story must have shocked all animal lovers. Perhaps even non animal lovers.

I thought I would forget about the incident today but the sadness is still too much to bear.

The perpetrators … I don’t want to think of the horrible fate that awaits them, perhaps for many many lifetimes.

I hope the elephant and her unborn calf are now in heaven. They deserve to be in a better place where there are either no humans around, or only human beings who sacredly believe that all lives matter.

How humans can carry out such atrocious deeds is beyond me. But there are also good people. Please let there be more good people than evil and insane ones.

A prayer for the elephant and her calf. I am so so sorry. Please forgive us humans.

Meanwhile, a little prayer for Malaysia’s economy and the people. And also for the US. May peace prevail.

Good night.

Apple of my eye

Fathers deserve the love, respect and some adulation for the role they play.

It’s true that a mother’s love knows no boundaries, but the same can be said of a father’s love. His responsibility and duty towards his family is the reason why he works so hard to earn a living so that he can provide for his family.

You shouldn’t forget Father’s Day on June 21.

If you have the budget and can afford the splurge, why not

check out the iPhone Pro 256GB and the iPhone Pro Max 256GB

as a gift for dear old dad?

iPhone Pro 256GB
iPhone Pro Max 256GB

Depending on your budget, you should get him something that he likes. Just don’t forget to celebrate this special man in your life.

Gadget for Dad

A friend introduced me to En. Muhammad Jamaluddin’s YouTube channel and I kind of like this video.

If you’re someone like me who is always looking for the remote control around the house, or there are too many remote control sets lying around and you’re not sure whether the one you’re holding is for the fan or the TV, then a gadget like the Home Mini may be the best tool for you.

You don’t even need to reach for the remote control. You can control the TV, fan, lights, music by just using your voice. Of course you need to set it up first before you can boss your home appliances around.

Is this gadget worth the splurge? Well, it’s not that expensive but in times of uncertainty, we do need to think twice before spending our hard earned cash on anything.

Will it make our life easier and more fun or is it just a fad that I’ll soon get bored with in a month or two?

Hmm, may even consider this gift for daddy as Father’s Day is coming up on June 21st. Senior citizens may find this a useful tool, especially if mobility is a problem.

Rose tea brown

Updated on June 7, 2020

I’ve just tried the Rose Tea Brown hair colour.

The moisturiser in a sachet which I used after I had coloured my hair made my hair so soft. I love it! The gloves provided was also of good quality. As for the shade, it’s lighter than Rose Brown, and I’m okay with it.

Can’t wait to hear what my friends say.

I may try a different hue next month, or I may just buy another Rose Tea Brown, depending on my mood and stock availability.

Original Post on May 20, 2020

I went to three shops before I finally bought my favourite hair colour dye. I was looking for Rose Brown (left picture) and was disappointed when I couldn’t find that particular colour.

Only when I was at the third shop did one friendly sales assistant told me that they had changed the packaging. I’m still a little skeptical as it says “Rose Tea Brown” and not “Rose Brown”, but she assured me it was the colour I was looking for.

I have not tried it yet but I hope she’s right!

You can check out the item at Watsons or Lazada (my affiliate links) if you want to try this colour. This Made in Japan hair colour is really easy to use. I tried Garnier the last time but I’m sticking with Liese. Definitely the best I’ve tried so far.

Food hunting in Kuchai Lama

Taiwan, a self-ruled democratic island, was expelled from the World Health Organisation in 1971 and from 2009 to 2016, Taiwan could still attend the World Health Assembly (WHA) as an observer. However, that came to an end in 2017.

Come Monday (May 18, 2020) representatives of 194 countries will have a virtual WHA and one of the highlights of the meeting is to vote whether Taiwan will be back on board as an observer.

It’ll be interesting to see if the bigger nations, especially India who will be helming the World Health Organisation (WHO) beginning Friday (May 22, 2020), will give its vote to the tiny powerhouse.

Meanwhile, it’s the weekend and since the “gates have opened”, I was exploring Kuchai Lama and came across Taipei Walker.

Taiwanese restaurants and cafes are doing very well in Malaysia, based on observation. I absolutely love Din Tai Fung. I don’t know if Taipei Walker is going to be on my favourites list yet as it is my first time here but it was an awesome first impression.

(Note: This is a non-halal outlet.)

No. 25, Jalan Kuchai Maju 18, Dinasti Sentral, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur

The fried soybean cod fish set costs RM23.90. The rice is topped with pork and there’s egg, tofu, potatoes and a bowl of soup to complement the cod fish. The Dragon Fruit juice is RM7.90.

I really like the cod fish and the dragon fruit juice. Service is good and the cafe has a cosy setting.

Taiwanese food has notable Japanese influence as it was occupied by Japan between 1895 and 1945.

Visual content

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Lone wolf with rose

Can’t believe it’s May already. Couldn’t sleep so I decided to post some affiliate links. I think the T-shirt design looks super cool. It is a classic symbol of romance and devotion to a companion. Do check it out.

The T-shirt reminds me of my pets back home. They love Back2Nature dog food. This brand is not sold in supermarkets. It’s only available at pet shops. Now with the MCO, I can only order it online.

It’s Labour Day! Hooray!!! Everyday kind of feels like Labour Day with the MCO. But I’m feeling thankful.

I better sleep now. Lots of love to you all. Happy Holiday.