Handy food container

When I first got this container I was fumbling with the snap-on lid which is made of polypropylene with silicone around the rim to ensure that the container is airtight. I found it so hard to close the lid and was complaining about it. I thought there was a problem with the product design.

But after a few days, closing the lid became quite effortless. I stored my mix grain walnut bread in the container the other day and brought it to my workplace to share the bread with my colleagues.

Walnuts have numerous health benefits such as supporting weight control and good brain function, among others.

This is the link to my previous post on the stainless steel food container. Click HERE to read, if you haven’t read it yet. When I wrote that post I have yet to use the container.

The containers come in 3 sizes, and are available in round and rectangular shapes with and without handle. I think the store’s opening promo is ending soon, so if you like the containers or any of the products on http://www.modern.my get them before the promo ends!!!

But even if the promo has ended, you can still use the coupon code BEE4ME to get a 5% discount.

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